College Fairs FAQs

  • College Fair Recruitment FAQs

    How much time do I need to set up the table before college recruitment fair?
    Arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the program to allow adequate time to handle registration/check-in, table setup, and any unforeseen issues.

    How many people are needed to work a college recruitment fair?
    To best serve inquiring students, at least 2 volunteers are needed per college fair.

    However, this number may change based on volunteer availability and college fair size.


    What items do we typically showcase at our table at the fairs?
    Our recruiting table setup typically includes the following:


    For general distribution:
    · Prospective Student Information cards - students interested in obtaining additional information about the University should complete a card
    · Admission information pamphlet - provides important admissions details. This packet is very comprehensive. It contains admission requirements, housing, financial aid, and scholarship information.
    · Houston Area Alumni Chapter –JSU business cards - have cards available for any students, parents, or faculty who may have additional questions
    · Various College Information Cards- Please inquire about prospective student’s intended major and distribute appropriate college and/or division card. (i.e. College of Business)


    For display only:
    · JSU Catalog - display at least 1 copy of the catalog
    · Houston Area Alumni Banner or Table Cloth - use the tablecloth and position it so that the University name is clearly visible.
    · You may also include additional “attention getters” (i.e. Sonic Boom CD, Stuffed Tigers, Basket of Candy)


    Are shifts available?
    Shift availability is contingent upon the number of volunteers and will be determined on a per-event basis.


    What should be done with the Prospective Student Information cards after the
    college fair?

    Submit cards to Jeremy Sanford, 2nd Vice President, Student Recruitment. Cards will be mailed to the University Office of Recruitment.

    What do I do with the materials once I have completed the college fair?
    Please contact Jeremy Sanford for a scheduled pick-up. We are limited with supplies and several college nights fall within the same week.

    Be sure to wear your JSU Alumni Polo or some type of
    Jackson State University paraphernalia!
    Thanks for Volunteering!!!