About JSU

  • History; Founded in 1877, with only 20 students, as a small college to educate newly freed African Americans to become ministers and teachers. Today, Jackson State University is now Mississippi's urban university boasting a student population of 8,600+.  As a coeducational institution, located in Jackson, MS, JSU is supported by state legislative appropriations which are supplemented by student fees and private grants.

    Academic Overview; Designated by the Carnegie Mellon Foundation as a research-intensive university, JSU offers more than 90 bachelor’s, master's, and doctoral programs ranging from art to urban studies. Jackson State University's instructional program is comprised of highly qualified faculty members who also serve as academic advisors and are engaged in community service and research. The student/faculty ratio is approximately 35:1.  Academic programs are complemented in several ways, including summer programs for high school students, distance learning courses, the Division of Undergraduate Studies, the Honors College and multidisciplinary research centers.

    Student Life; Student life is a major factor in the university experience and success. Many programs and services are provided to assist the transition into a new academic environment and to support success both inside and outside the classroom. Through numerous programs, i.e. high school and community college programs, visiting student scholar programs, academic and social activities, internship, co-op and job counseling and study abroad programs, students are offered a holistic learning environment.

    Extracurricular Activities; Extracurricular activities include student government, clubs and organizations, assemblies, community service opportunities, student publications, fraternities and sororities, NCAA sanction-ed athletic programs, intramural sports, and other interest-specific recreational activities.

    Campus; The main campus is located in west Jackson, encompassing over 173 acres with three off-site support facilities.

    Housing; Comfortable campus housing is provided for students via six residence centers: privatized housing is located near the main campus.

    Urban setting, located in Jackson, MS (Mississippi’s capital city), JSU is a public, 4 year university.

    Office of Undergraduate Recruitment:
    Linda F. Rush, Director  Contact info; (601) 979-5845/2911, toll free (800) 848-6817, recruitment@jsums.edu or www.jsums.edu .

    Cost of attendance: (per year) In-state
    (on campus)  $10,114.00 (incl. tuition, room, & board)
    Out-of-state: $15,710.00 (incl. tuition, out-of-state fees, room, & board) (subject to change without prior notification)

    Financial aid:
    Grants offered: Yes (Priority Deadline April 15 each year) Scholarships offered: Yes (Priority deadline February 15 each year) Loans offered: Yes

    Registered: 90; Honor societies: 22; Fraternities/Sororities: 9
    Most popular areas of study: 1. Biology, 2. Elementary Education, 3. Business Administration, 4. Computer Science, 5. Accounting

    Notable JSU Alums:

    • Roderick Paige, Former U.S. Secretary of Education
    • Lindsey Hunter, 2-Time NBA Champion (2002 L.A. Lakers/2004 Detroit Pistons)
    • Walter Payton, NFL Hall of Fame Inductee/Chicago Bears
    • Cassandra Wilson, Grammy Award Winning jazz vocalist
    • Vivian Brown, meteorologist, ‘The Weather Channel’
    • Dr. Tonea Stewart, actress ‘In The Heat of The Night’, ‘ A Time To Kill’ and ‘I Know Why The       Caged Bird Sings’